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Indigenous technology for tracing COVID-19 patients, others show at 2021 expo

By Sylvester Thompson

A technology called COVID-19 Contact Tracer, a mobile application that could trace Coronavirus victims, was one of the indigenous technologies displayed at the concluded 2021 technology and innovation expo.

Dr Henry Ossamulu, Director of Research and Training, Core Fundamental Inventors, spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) about the technology on Friday in Abuja.

Ossamulu said that the COVID-19 Contact Tracer is able to trace patients infected with the disease with the use of Global Positioning System (GPS).

He explained that with the contact tracer, one could easily know locations where there were already COVID-19 victims and avoid such places.

“The app helps you to protect yourself by avoiding such places and it is an indigenous technology developed by a Nigerian inventor and displayed at the expo,” he said.

Apart from the COVID-19 Contact Tracer, Ossamulu also spoke on other useful indigenous technologies.

He said that another available technology, known as Chitosen Starch Protein Composite Film, was a thin coating film invented to prolong the shelf life of tomatoes and eggplant fruit.

He said that the Chitosen is able to extend the shelf life of the fruits for six months without getting spoilt.

He also talked about an invention that could help in the problem of insurgency in the country.

He said that the technology, known as Al Spy Camera, is a wireless miniature portable spy camera with Wi-Fi and internet connection.

He hinted that the spy camera could be accessed remotely by connected devises.

“The spy camera can either be attached on your shirt, trouser, cap, or anywhere.

“There will be a surveillance somewhere that is holding either a phone or system connected to our IP address to immediately know where you are.

“It will capture the faces right there and give us all the information we want with the capacity to recognise objects.

“It is an artificial intelligence and can be trained on what to do and can do it based on the modules,” he said.

Ossamulu also spoke about iHealth, another local technology that could connect the entire health system in Nigeria.

He said one of the major advantages of the technology was that it could handle emergency health cases within Nigeria.

He said one of the challenges of health systems in the country was lack of connectivity, but with iHealth, this could be possible.

He also talked about the Halal Business District, which he said, was an e-commerce store among others.

Accordingly, he explained that the technology provides wider avenue for both existing and startup businesses in Nigeria to reach out to a larger audience nationwide and beyond.(NAN)

About The Author