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Chadian activist seeks Nigeria’s support to restore peace in his country

By Hassana Yakubu

Chadian activist, Mr Ibrahim Congy, on Monday said he is seeking Nigeria’s support to restore peace and democratic government in Chad.

Congy, a socio political activist, made the call at a news  conference in Kaduna.

According to hm, Chad is moving into the direction of civil war.

“What is happening in Chad now is similar to what happened in Rwanda and Sierra Leone, where certain powers are investing on how to set fire and bring civil war,” he said.

He, therefore, called on responsible and civilised nations, agencies and governments within the region and across the world to come to their rescue.

“Chadians are in a very precarious situation before we get into genocide help us to safeguard our country,” he said.

According to him, the present military regime in Chad is unconstitutional.

“The Constitution says President of the National Assembly should be taken from a transitional government from 45 to 90 days to organise free fair and credible election.

”But this did not happen, the constitution was bypassed so the activities are unconstitutional,” he said.

The activist lamented over the happenings in Chad which included social division with the population of over 15 million people and 250 ethnics groups but the minorities are always on top due to power influence.

He said Chadians are united people working to safeguard their nation. (NAN)