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CSR: Cosgrove renews, delivers 188-seater auditorium to FCDA

There has to be shared responsibility, support and synergy between the public and private sectors in order to achieve set goals of national economic development.

By Perpetua Onuegbu
In exercise of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Cosgrove Investment Limited has refurbished and delivered a 188-seater Conference Hall to the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA).

The revamped hall was handed over to the FCDA alongside some newly constructed Executive Conveniences which were also voluntarily constructed by Cosgrove.

The conference hall consists of 188 seats of which 174 are for the audience while 14 are designed for guests at the high table.

Ag. Executive Secretary, FCDA, Hajiya Zaliha’u Ahmed, presented a formal Letter of Appreciation and a Plaque of Honour to the company for the gesture.

Ahmed said: “On behalf of FCDA Management, I sincerely thank Messrs Cosgrove Investment Limited for the kind gesture to undertake this uneasy project.”

She added that FCDA would put the newly refurbished facility to judicious use as well as maintain the improvements done on it.

The Director, Public Buildings, FCDA, Adebowale Ademo, said that though Cosgrove was not a client at the FCDA, it gesture was laudable.

“I was at a meeting with the former Executive Secretary of the FCDA, and I was discussing the challenges associated with the conference hall, and we were surprised when the Chairman of Cosgrove, Mr Umar Abdullahi offered to refurbish the hall as a gesture of Corporate Social Responsibility.”

The Director said that renovations done include flooring, construction of executive public conveniences at the back of the high table and carpeting as well as elevation of high table platform among others.

“The provision of VIP Restrooms for high-table guests is another goal for which we must commend Cosgrove because it could be embarrassing to have guests walking across the audience to use public conveniences which are at the back of the hall,” he said.

The Chairman of Cosgrove, Mr Umar Abdullahi, thanked the FCDA for appreciating a project it voluntarily embarked on in exercise of its CSR policy, which is a major policy thrust of the organization.

He said: “as a team, Cosgrove is happy to successfully complete the refurbishment of the 188-seater FCDA Conference Hall, while providing Executive Conveniences for High Table guests.”

On the motivation for the organisation’s various CSR projects, Abdullahi noted that “Cosgrove is indigenous to Nigeria and we are committed to promoting our national pride including sustaining and maintaining national infrastructures such as the FCDA, where possible.

“There has to be shared responsibility, support and synergy between the public and private sectors in order to achieve set goals of national economic development,” he said.(NAN)

About The Author