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Group advocates charity for vulnerable people for national growth

COCO an NGO has called on Nigerians to imbibe the virtue of charity to others for national growth and development.

By Patricia Amogu

The Conference of Charity Organisations (COCO), a nongovernmental organisation (NGO) has called on Nigerians to imbibe the virtue of charity to others for national growth and development.

The President of the organisation, Chief Abu Alli, gave the advice in a release he signed on Aug. 26, and issued to newsmen in Abuja.

The advice came ahead of the organisations’ 8th World Charity Day celebration on Sept. 5, and other activities featuring National Charity Dialogue and Peace Intervention Prayer Forum for Nigeria.

According to him, charity entails donation of time, talent, money, material resources and voluntary engagements to serve the community, state or nation.

He said that such acts of caring and kindness without recompense, as well as other expressions of global solidarity, help us in our quest to live together in peace, harmony and build a good future for all.

He noted the inequalities in economic and social powers among individuals and institutions adding that charity was a noble venture (an enterprise) aimed at changing the lives of the human conditions.

He said that the 2021 Charity Day is significant due to the myriads of challenges confronting the nation and its people.

He gave some of the challenges as insecurity, Kidnapping, Child trafficking, and Cultism in Schools.

“These and other monsters plaguing our country and continent require a collective effort of all spirited organisations, corporate bodies and individuals to stem the tide.

“Sectionalism, tribe agitations, fake prophesies, ethnic and religion profiling are all instruments of destruction of the country and they cannot help us.

“This year’s commemoration event becomes a peculiar one especially in Nigeria due to the numerous anti-charity issues on ground having observed the deep moral decay and loss of Charity impulse in some of human beings.’’

He noted that charity was needed more now in other to achieve the UN sustainable development goals in the country.

He added that the country needed prayers for God’s intervention in solving its problems.

COCO was created in 2013 as a recognised coalition body by the government and international agencies being coordinated under the auspices of Free Health Care Charitable Organisation (FHCCO), a registered body in Nigeria.

The organisation is partnering with the Nigeria Inter Religious Council (NIREC) Secretariat of Nigeria with the aim of advancing the promotion of Charity services in our society.(NAN)

About The Author