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Lebanon’s bakeries to shut down amid flour shortages

More bakeries in southern Lebanon will suspend business on Tuesday amid shortages of flour, Zakaria Al-Qudsi the head of the Bakery Owners Syndicate in South Lebanon said.
“A big number of bakeries will stop working today and many more will follow suit tomorrow as they no longer have flour and are therefore unable to secure the citizens’ need for bread.”
The Lebanese economy minister announced last month that the Ukraine-Russia conflict affected the country’s access to wheat.
He said he has been trying to secure other sources of the commodity but has to wait for the funds from the central bank.
Lebanon has been suffering from an unprecedented financial crisis amid a shortage of U.S. dollars that hinders the country’s ability to import its basic food needs.
The crisis was further exacerbated by the Ukraine-Russia conflict as Lebanon imports the bulk of its wheat from the two countries bordering the Black Sea.