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Father’s Day: Fellowship advises parents to teach children financial literacy

Father’s Day Celebration at st James’ Anglican Communion Asokoro


Bridget Ikyado

Sir Emmanuel Ohakim, the President, Christian Men’s Fellowship, St. James’ Church Asokoro has advised parents to teach children how to create and manage their little earnings to be self-reliant in future.

Ohakim gave the advice on Sunday when the Diocese of Abuja, Anglican Communion marked the Father’s Day celebration.

“If you teach your children how to budget, save and invest, how to create and manage wealth, they will later be better managers of our economy in future.

“Teach the children saving culture at very tender age, by so doing they won’t learn embezzlement and other forms of stealing,” he added.

Ohakim discouraged parents from allowing them spend all the little moneies they got from friends and family members.

“Children should be taught how to save through opening of children’s accounts and other means.

“From the savings let them invest, which also enables skill acquisition.”

He sited the story of the prodigal son in the bible, who squandered all his wealth and turned to a pauper.

“Some children are roaming the streets today causing havoc because of parents wrong decisions in their up bringing,” he said.

Ohakim therefore urged parents to wake up and take charge of the homes and society for a better nation to be created.

He described fathers as passionate, loving, protective, pillars of the family and society, without whom there would be disarray in any nation.

In his remarks, the Canon of the church, Bola Ogunyannwo described fathers as the backbone of every home and as such should be patient and full of wisdom.

“In the face of prevailing challenges, men should also trust and believe God for assistance.”

He urged men to be quick in making amends and taking corrections to ensure things went right in the homes.

In his message to the church, the Most Rev. Henry Ndukuba, Bishop of Abuja told Christians to watch and pray for the best.

“We are in precarious and perilous times,” he said, and admonished all men to be vigilant and pay close attention to their health, their families, environment and social interactions.

“The activities leading on to the 2023 general election are on now.

” We have the opportunity to change the narratives of our Nation.

We encourage all men to obtain their voters card, mobilise their families to do same.

” All men must be determined to be involved in voting credible leaders into power come 2023,” the Primate said.

He said that the opportunity for a peaceful change in political leadership was now, as such eligible voters must exercise their civic rights. (NAN)( .


Edited by Grace Yusuff

About The Author