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Praise and worship exalt a nation – Cleric

By Emmanuella Onah/Bridget Ikyado
Rev. Lydia Ogunyemi, a Pastor and Music Minister, has said that praise and worship exalt a nation, urging Nigerians to continue in true worship to heal the land of its current challenges.
Ogunyemi, a visiting Pastor at the First Baptist Church, Kubwa said this in a sermon on Sunday in Abuja.
The Church celebrated its 2022 Choir Anniversary programme with the theme “Exalt the King”, taken from psalms 99.
According to her, to exalt means to think and if you can’t think, you can’t speak out for someone.
She said the Lord was calling on Nigerians to think and reflect so as to be able to speak highly of God and praise His name.
 “The Lord can never be dethroned; he can choose to give life and take it at His will.
“Our God loves justice and equity; He loves what is right and He answers prayers; our Lord is a forgiving God.
“He has the ability to make us who he wants us to be,” she said.
She advised Nigerians to stick to God and His word as He was the only dependable source towards ending our problems.
“We all know that we have different communities in our nation and cities; we have different grades and class of rulers
“We have first class rulers, second class rulers and third class rulers. All of these rulers have short term rule because they can’t rule forever, but our Lord will never be dethroned.”
She advised Nigerians to adore the King, exalt Him, speak highly of Him, praise Him, think of His Goodness, think of His greatness and pray to Him.
 “Another responsibility of humans to God is to obey His statutes and decrees, and our responsibility here is that we should do away with sin.
 “Our God is not looking for recognition because he is already King. When the Lord comes into your situation, he transforms it.
“Brethren, you should not wait like King Nebuchadnezzar and Kind Darius to recognise the presence of God.
“When you start to recognise the presence of God in your life, He will rescue you from all your problems just like he rescued Daniel.
 “Your job is to lift God up in worship and prayers and He will draw you out of your problems and difficulties.”
Mr Shadrach Osiaje, a lawyer and Music Director of the Church, in a remark, said that there was nothing praises to God could not achieve.
According to him, when you praise God without asking Him any questions or making any requests, He answers beyond expectations.
“If the Church gives all the praise today to God, God will save Nigeria from all its challenges.”
He advised the youth to shun social vices that could lead the nation to lasting suffering, especially as the country’s general elections was fast approaching .
“The youths should believe in God. By trusting God and praising him, putting aside vices, our election will be peaceful.
 “Let us keep looking unto God. If we trust Him and pray to Him, He will bring in the right persons. The youths should not allow themselves to be used by politicians.
“Not even money should take us to the level of accepting to destroy the efforts of well meaning Nigerians; the youths should ensure that there is peaceful elections,” he said. (NAN) (
Edited by Ephraims Sheyin

About The Author