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Braided hair: A trend among fashionistas

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Braided hair

Braided hair

By Ibukun Ogunbamerun
Braided hair has been in vogue for decades, even though the trend of using human hair and wigs seem to have taken over the fate of hair beauty, yet braided hair cannot be eradicated in hair beauty therapy.

Generally, women love braided hair because it gives room for creativity and most stylists have intensified efforts to be more creative, often re-creating and re-inventing adorable hairstyles for their clients and models to showcase their expertise in braiding.

Braids allow fresh air in the scalp, and gives opportunity to display the freshness of the scalp. When you braid your hair, you can save up your hair expenses because it can stay for as long as three weeks or even more for some who know how to maintain braided hair.

Braids also gives the hair some rest and protects the hair from harsh weather. It is said that braiding helps to promote hair growth because braided hair usually appear healthier and beautiful.

However, braided hair has its own disadvantages. It must not be tight because when it is too tight it causes hair breakage.

Braiding is considered to be the most versatile hairstyle around the world, it is suitable for every occasion. There are various types of braided styles; below are pictures of some trending braided hair styles and their names:

Box Braids is one of the most preferred, to achieve this style, one needs to section the hair into squares, add hair extension and start plaiting.

Box Braids

Braided ponytail (also known as Shuku braida) if you are looking for a new way to style your braids, this style is very simple to achieve. Cut the whole hair into four sections then start cutting up’ facing the centre of the head together with your desired extension.

Braided Ponytail (Suku Braids)

Crochet braids is one of the simplest and new ways of getting extra-long braids with the crochet technique, which involves first braiding your hair into loose cornrows, then add your crochet extension with your crochet pin to achieve this look.

Crochet Braids

Cornrows braids are one of the most trending hairstyles right now. To achieve this style, the hair is braided close to the scalp using the Ghana weaving technique. Each one is formed in neat rows.

Cornrow Braids

Triangle box braid got its name from the shape of the hair sections, and is similar to box braid. To achieve this look one should cut the hair in a triangular form, add the extension and start plaiting.

Triangle Box Braids

Photo credit:Thetrendspotter.net

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